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India is a land of diversity and the food is a testimony to harmony in diversity. How magically a simple dish can become divine by adding varied spices! SkySea Trading Pvt. Ltd. is a company that believes that Indian food touches our soul before it touches our taste buds. SkySea Trading Pvt. Ltd. is committed in bringing freshness to your table. Fresh ingredients directly sourced from farmers can add an extra edge to any dish.

Indian has offered the World myriad ingredients like Spices, Tea, Coffee, Honey, Coconut Oil, Rice, Wheat and Dry Fruits that can make your meal healthy and scrumptious. "SkySea Trading Pvt. Ltd." listens to the consumer’s heart and offers a huge range of high quality products which can give a personal touch to your food and boost your sense of taste. We trade in highest quality, hand-selected and hand-blended spices, tea, coffee, oils and dry fruits. We take pride in our products and believe our customers can use them confidently and with trust.
We welcome you to our online shop. Come and explore the wide range of Spices, Tea, Coffee, Dry Fruits, Honey, Coconut Oil, Rice and Wheat etc handpicked directly from farmers. Be believe that SkySea products will help you to craft excellence!



Super Sweet Nectarous Honey

Taste fresh, organic and aromatic honey made with love!
All your favorite flavors of honey in one store!


The best tea in the world. Pure and most importantly, at a price which won't burn a hole in your pocket. It is the least processed tea, containing a high amount of antioxidants.


There are literally thousands of choices when it comes to choosing good coffee beans. If you choose the wrong ones, you won't be brewing amazing coffee.
Just Choose "SKYSEA" Once!


We bring the best quality Wheat with big grain size and excellent texture.
Our smallest pack size is 10 Kg & bulk quantity has no limit!
Call Us @ +91 9625 519375 for bulk price


  • Product which we bought was one of the finest in the industry in terms of Taste, Quality and Price. Unmatched Quality, Great Packaging and the Most Important Transparency which I had seen on the Website the Same I get. All the Best Team Skysea..
    Digant Chakrapani
    Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh
  • It was my first time to buy honey online and I can say I will order it again and again! These tiny jars are so good-looking in my kitchen! Thank you, guys, for your attention to details and customers! I’ll certainly get back again.
    Asha Choudhari
  • I’d like to thank you for such a fast shipment of my order! I was pleased with such a nice customer support which helped me to make the right choice and order very delicious and fragrant honey! I’ll certainly get back again.
    K. S. Sinha