CASHEW – LWP-4 pieces (KAJU TUKDA) (काजू – 4 टुकड़ा)
August 19, 2019
August 20, 2019



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Cashew is a well known nut that had its beginning in Brazil where the cashew trees become uncommonly high. The cashew nuts can be seen hanging underneath the huge succulent apples from the parts of the cashew tree. In India Cashew was presented by the Portuguese in Goa more than five centuries prior. Presently it is developed in zones of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh other than Goa.

Culinary Uses

Cashews have a rich sweet taste and can be either eaten crude or can be broiled or fried with somewhat salt before utilization. Cashew is a fundamental fixing in flavors and curries making the dishes exotic and rich. Cashews can be cut and utilized for decorating sweet dishes like Kheer, Gajar Halwa, Dal Halwa and numerous other delicious dishes.

Health Benefits

Cashew is a rich source of vitamins B6, E and K, minerals like copper, zinc, iron and manganese and antioxidants required for keeping up great health. Cashew nuts in spite of the fact that being high in fats, are known to have solid unsaturated fats.

How to Store

Store cashews in a cool, dry place in an airtight container to avoid absorption of other food odors. At room temperature, they will not last long, but if you refrigerate them, they can last up to six months.

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