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July 15, 2019
BLACK PEPPER BOLD (काली मिर्च)
July 15, 2019

BLACK PEPPER (काली मिर्च)

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Black Pepper or ‘Kali Mirch’ as it is famously called is for the most part sourced from Malabar Coast in India. Dark Pepper or dark peppercorns have a place with the Piperaceae family that develops on blooming vines and is developed for the most part for its organic product. The organic product is dried and utilized either as a zest or as flavoring in a few foods. It’s dull and sharp nature is chosen for its fragrance and quality drastically improving the flavor of your nourishment.

Culinary Uses

Black pepper is utilized at all eating times directly from breakfast to supper. At breakfast you can sprinkle squashed black pepper on your egg radiant side up to sprinkling it on curd, soups or cold servings of mixed greens or besides on any dish. Now and again you can put entire peppers in a pepper processor directly on your eating table and naturally crush the pepper by hand.
Regardless of whether it is Ginger pepper fish, entire simmered pepper chicken or Spicy black pepper sauce, no delightful menu is finished without this delicious and seasoned zest. Indeed no dish is truly finished without a dash of black pepper whether Chinese, Continental Thai or Indian.

Health Benefits

Black pepper was in times past called ‘Black Gold’ as it was utilized as a type of money in prior occasions and the ‘Lord of Spices’ for its distinctive flavor and taste. It contains a few therapeutic properties and dietary benefits as it contains iron, manganese, potassium and nutrient C and K. It contains antibacterial, mitigating, fever lessening and resistance boosting properties because of which it is likewise called a therapeutic flavor. Black pepper is utilized to mitigate and fix cold and hack, brings down circulatory strain, animates absorption, neutralizes wretchedness, empowers weight reduction and even forestalls illnesses like malignant growth. It contains an oil piperine that facilitates hurting muscles and joint pain. Black Pepper has magnificent enemy of maturing advantages and treats skin break out and battles wrinkles by peeling the skin and fixes Vitiligo. It even helps treat dandruff and rejuvenates hair making it sparkly and delicate.

How to Store

Black pepper can be got in crushed form or as entirety. The best is to purchase entire peppercorns and newly pound them in a processor to hold the flavor and taste. The savvies thing is crush little amounts of peppercorns and store them in a sealed shut glass bottle.


Hindi – Kali mirch
Kannada – Kari menasu
Marathi – Mira, Kali mirch
Tamil – Milagu
Telugu – Miriyala tige
Urdu – Kali mirch, Siah mirch

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4 reviews for BLACK PEPPER (काली मिर्च)

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