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August 7, 2020



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Nutmeg is a seed (piece) of the natural product from the Myristica fragrans tree. This flavor tree is an enormous evergreen plant that flourishes well in tropical atmospheres in Kerala. The nutmeg natural product after aging separates to uncover single, midway arranged oval formed hard part celebrated as “nutmeg zest.” This seed firmly enwrapped by ruby red, frilly or string like arils known as “mace.” Both flavors highlight a comparative warm, sweet fragrant flavor. Mace is delicately stripped off from its nutmeg surface, leveled into strips, dried, and packed as a whole.

Culinary Uses

Mace has a wide range of uses from desserts to savoury roast meats. Mace has a versatile flavour that can be used to complement a variety of foods. Mace is the main flavouring of white sauce, lasagna, and some stews. It is also used in sausages, pastries, sauces for fish and pickle, chutneys, jam and in some Indian desserts. Mace makes a notable appearance in Chettinad and Mughlai cuisine.

Health Benefits

Nutmeg and mace zest contain many plant-inferred synthetic exacerbates that are known to have been cancer prevention agent, ailment anticipating, and wellbeing advancing properties. By viably invigorating the brain,nutmeg goes about as a phenomenal brain tonic. Thusly, it helps in killing weariness, stress, uneasiness and depression.This flavor is a decent wellspring of minerals like copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc and magnesium.It is additionally plentiful in numerous crucial B-complex nutrients, including nutrient C, folic corrosive, riboflavin, niacin, nutrient An and numerous flavonoid enemies of oxidants like beta-carotene and cryptoxanthin that are fundamental for ideal wellbeing.

Store whole nuts as well as a ground powder inside an airtight container and place cold, dark and dry place, where it can stay for several months.


Hindi – Javitri
Kannada – Japatre, Jakayi patri
Malayalam – Jathipatri
Marathi – Jaypatri
Tamil – Jathipattiri
Telugu – Japatri
Urdu – Javitri, Basbas

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